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We co-create and publish knowledge-oriented books with experts and leading brands across domains.

A new approach to publishing


Navigating the traditional publishing ecosystem is tedious for authors. Moreover, they get no support in the hardest part of publishing their book - the creation itself. Experts have knowledge, but not time. Without support, very few of them even consider writing a book. This is what we found when we started out. At Wyzr, we changed this with a model that's centred around making the process easy for authors.

Solving for experts


We solve for what an expert values the most - time. How? By providing writing support and co-creating books rather than asking them to finish the draft and give it to us. Although we'd be glad if they wish to do it.

As a result, the creation process is much faster and the books hit the market within a few months of starting the process. Most importantly, this happens without compromising on the quality of the content itself.

Partnership with Penguin


Penguin Random House India became a strategic partner for Wyzr for the distribution of our books across the Indian subcontinent. What this means is our books have access to top retailers, both offline and online, and can reach all those places where books published by Penguin do. It's also a testament to the quality of content we're publishing and the credibility of the authors we work with.

What our authors say about us

Sarthak Ahuja
Author: Daily Coffee & Startup Fundraising, Founder's Office
Investment Banker, Educator, Content Creator (2M+ across platforms)
I'm very particular about the quality of every piece of content I put out. Authoring a book was a steep challenge given the time and patience it requires. But the folks at Wyzr made it incredibly convenient for me. I had the content, and they had exceptional writers who really understood business. Both my books were appreciated and became bestsellers.
Kushal Lodha
Author: Acing CA
Founder, KAGR Club; Content Creator (700K+ across platforms)
Just loved the speed of delivery and quality of writing I got working with Wyzr. ‘Acing CA’ has been a bestseller on Amazon since it launched in Feb 2023, and Wyzr deserves a lot of credit for it.
Mayank Agarwal
Author: How To Buy A Scam Free Home
Founder: Greenhouse Cottages, EdState; Content Creator (@realestatewithmayank: 750K+)
The process employed by Wyzr is incredibly efficient. Made my job so much easier. Even for a relatively technical book on real estate, they helped write it in a manner that could be understood by anyone. And they’re also easy and pleasant to work with. Great experience!
Anand Malligavad
Author: A Life with Lakes
Lake Rejuvenist and Climate Warrior
Wyzr made my book possible. They patiently listened to my experiences for many hours, and compiled them into ‘A Life with Lakes’. Very professional and helpful team!
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