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state of the art speaker

What did we observe?

We consume content at an ever growing rate today. The rise of educational creators shows the average user values knowledge driven content. Prevalent social media channels limit a creator's ability to add value due to format limitations and cluttered ecosystems.

What did we find?

Creators attempt to work through their preferred mediums to provide content. It is difficult for creators to explore new formats and mediums. This limits the value their content can generate and restricts the audience they can reach with their content.

state of the art speaker
state of the art speaker

What is Wyzr doing about it?

Everyone has a different preference of consuming knowledge. We get you all popular formats in a single place. We have started with books, and will soon expand into other formats like audiobooks, animated summaries and videos. Subscribers get to consume content in the format of their choice, and creators get the ability to reach a wider audience with multiple formats.

Who are we?

Yashraj Sharma

Yashraj Sharma

Founder & CEO

MBA from IIM Indore, B.E. from MIT Manipal, former management consultant, avid reader

Amlan Chakravarty

Amlan Chakravarty

Content and Product Advisor

Senior Data Scientist, Tenjin, Frankfurt


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