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state of the art speaker

What did we observe?

If you walk into a book store, you’d find disproportionately low number of books by Indian authors. There must be a reason why Indians aren’t getting published enough.

What did we find?

Authors get little support in their book creation journey. Many start, very few finish. Many are put off by the investment into marketing and promotions, and the low royalties don’t justify the effort.

state of the art speaker
state of the art speaker

What is Wyzr doing about it?

We’re making the entire process of authoring and publishing long-form content 5x faster and 5x more lucrative. Consumers get amazing content from well-known experts, and authors get rewarded handsomely for their efforts.

Who are we?

Yashraj Sharma

Yashraj Sharma

Founder & CEO

MBA from IIM Indore, B.E. from MIT Manipal, former management consultant, avid reader

Vikash Agrawal

Vikash Agrawal

Technology Advisor

Software Engineer, Amazon (Silicon Valley)

Amlan Chakravarty

Amlan Chakravarty

Operations and Analytics Advisor

Senior Data Consultant, Tenjin, Frankfurt


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